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Us ki hasrat hai

Jise bhula bhi naa sakun

Dhundne usko chala hun

Jise paa bhi naa sakun.

Ameer minali.


Then I saw you,,, no it was not a story of love at first sight but of thousands feelings inside

These feelings kept me dreaming night & day no matter I was asleep or awake

I wanted tell you all of my thoughts but afraid of the consequences I refrained to talk

Sometimes I think , it will be different story if I had the courage to talk

But again who knows the story, everybody has to walk their own lane

Some become sane & some insane

Someone’s life will become a glory & the other one’s a mere memory.


Then I saw you…

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My thoughts on Padmavati row.

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When there are 1.2 billion people living in a country there will be problems, I accept this fact but instead of existing problems people are making more problems in the name of religion actually not any other religion but Hinduism & not the whole of Hindus but a handful who had no other works to do other than doing just irrelevant stuff by taking the name of religion. In the latest development which is going on they are targetting a Bollywood movie named “Padmavati”. Among Those people’s there are 90% of those who doesn’t know anything about Padmavati, if u ask them the will be like “she was a queen in Rajasthan” ; not a word more they can say & they are chanting like Padmavati is our glory & all. Those bunch of extremists like Bajrang dal, Hindu mahasabha, VHP & the most fucking kala Sena😑 think by doing this they are saving the women’s(somewhere on the internet I saw a message about save our glory & women’s), well literally I laughed reading that message. There is also a news in which someone said they will give 5crores to the person who chop off Depika’s nose,so here’s a thing for the sake of past false glory & fake publicity & to save other women’s what example u set is cut off a nose of one; slow claps. Let’s talk about today’s Manmohan Singh 2.0 ,Mr. Narendra Modi , yes I used Manmohan Singh 2.0 coz he is acting like him . It’s like in the place of Sonia Gandhi we have the extremists. To better develop our country we need to be secular , we need to be kind but in the present scenario aggression is becoming the sign of strength,I mean just look at it with a different perspective then I will able to understand it better; In media we have the Nation wants to know, In the country we have the extremists. When Narendra Modi came to power there were talks of development & I personally think he is doing it but not at a good pace & by keeping his mouth shut on these religious issues he is not only doing harm to his government but also to the country. How could those kala Sena😑people’s decide what should be made or what should not. Today if we want to be global power we need to fight these ineer contradiction & inner division of the society. In India every second a women is being raped or being molested in that very issue what we do is just organise a peaceful candle March at the India gate & when a film is made which not a single extremist have seen yet & just their past princess name is there they are like ; we will not let those filmmakers release this film. That’s all & f**k Kala Sena😛.

The Story

कविता, Life, Love, Story

​It it all started with a commanding voice which still flows in my neurites,

Slowly the chemical reactions took place & my heart started beating for that beautiful face,

Actually it was not her face ; her voice, her eyes, her walk to the way she talk, everything about her was magical

I fallen pretty hard for her that was detrimental,

Coz, In that process I lost my respect which I am still trying to erect.


Life is a blessing.

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I’ve had heartbreaks, many of them. 

I’ve had nights when brains were filled with chaos and were left emptied sometimes.

I’ve had journeys of dark skies illuminated with stars on the lustrous wings of my fantasies.

I’ve swum to the deepest oceans of one’s perspectives.

I’ve been to the noisiest streets of one’s thoughts.

I’ve run into the dreading silent caves.

I’ve heard cries of a laughing voice.

I’ve seen pleasure on gloomy faces.

I’ve felt hope in broken wings.

I’ve found restraints on moving clouds.

I’ve seen colors in monochromatic canvas.

I’ve noticed plane darkness in colorfulness.

I’ve lost so much in the blink of an eye.

I’ve gained treasures I adore for life.

I’ve lived with regrets.

I’ve been heartless to emotions too.

I’ve died a thousand times every day.

I’ve breathed a thousand times more in a moment.

I’ve been through all.

Still unsatisfied.

For what life brings to us

Is yet a blessing worth smiling for..

इन दिनों

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इन दिनों…

कुछ बेजान सा हूँ , कुछ अंजान सा हूँ

जाने क्यों परेशान सा हूँ ,

शायद जिंदगी के बोछ तले दब सा गया हूँ

विषम परिस्थितियों के भंवर में फंस सा गया हूँ

दुनिया कुछ बढ़ सी गई है 

मैं कहीं थम सा गया हूँ ।।

Put your pieces😉


Put together your favourite books,movies, poems and songs. You’ll see how perfectly they reflect the deepest and the best part of you. The part of you, that longs for freedom. Freedom from all the bullshit, worldly confirmity and fears. The part that has been suppressed and buried deep down. The “you” that is ready to pack its guns and go home, because it knows that no one actually WINS a war. So honey, go. Find yourself. Who you really are. Love yourself for all your flaws. Believe that you’re not what you look like. You’re not the mistakes you’ve made, but what you’ve learned from it. You’re more like the songs on your playlist,the shows you watch, the things you doodle around, the flowers on your hair and your favourite blanket. You’re not that pimple on your nose or the pudge on your stomach. You are not those grades of your sem that you flunked. You’re the art you posses. You’re much more beyond your ranks in a class test. You’re your favourite band, the mismatched socks you wear and your favourite sweater. Basically, you’re everything you love and way beyond what you look like or what someone sees you to be like. You’re an amazing piece of art, within yourself, which you yourself have created. Be proud to announce that you’re different and better. Be proud to know that you’re what you’ve wanted to be, and you’re something that no one can break.