I’m exhausted

I’m exhausted
My heart is barely beating
I want to lay on this ground and stop chasing
& I’m afraid that the promises that we once swore
Will never make it to the shore
It’s not easy to forego…
No I m not gonna let us go
I will be dead..u know!!


Then I saw you…

Then I saw you,,, no it was not a story of love at first sight but of thousands feelings inside

These feelings kept me dreaming night & day no matter I was asleep or awake

I wanted tell you all of my thoughts but afraid of the consequences I refrained to talk

Sometimes I think , it will be different story if I had the courage to talk

But again who knows the story, everybody has to walk their own lane

Some become sane & some insane

Someone’s life will become a glory & the other one’s a mere memory.


The Story

​It it all started with a commanding voice which still flows in my neurites,

Slowly the chemical reactions took place & my heart started beating for that beautiful face,

Actually it was not her face ; her voice, her eyes, her walk to the way she talk, everything about her was magical

I fallen pretty hard for her that was detrimental,

Coz, In that process I lost my respect which I am still trying to erect.


Life is a blessing.

I’ve had heartbreaks, many of them. 

I’ve had nights when brains were filled with chaos and were left emptied sometimes.

I’ve had journeys of dark skies illuminated with stars on the lustrous wings of my fantasies.

I’ve swum to the deepest oceans of one’s perspectives.

I’ve been to the noisiest streets of one’s thoughts.

I’ve run into the dreading silent caves.

I’ve heard cries of a laughing voice.

I’ve seen pleasure on gloomy faces.

I’ve felt hope in broken wings.

I’ve found restraints on moving clouds.

I’ve seen colors in monochromatic canvas.

I’ve noticed plane darkness in colorfulness.

I’ve lost so much in the blink of an eye.

I’ve gained treasures I adore for life.

I’ve lived with regrets.

I’ve been heartless to emotions too.

I’ve died a thousand times every day.

I’ve breathed a thousand times more in a moment.

I’ve been through all.

Still unsatisfied.

For what life brings to us

Is yet a blessing worth smiling for..

इन दिनों

इन दिनों…

कुछ बेजान सा हूँ , कुछ अंजान सा हूँ

जाने क्यों परेशान सा हूँ ,

शायद जिंदगी के बोछ तले दब सा गया हूँ

विषम परिस्थितियों के भंवर में फंस सा गया हूँ

दुनिया कुछ बढ़ सी गई है 

मैं कहीं थम सा गया हूँ ।।